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During recent years I have focused on several areas: machine learning and data science in practice, scalable technology, and internet regulation.

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I have been a builder all my life. Those who know me well know that I'm often happiest when assembling or creating. Over the years I've been lucky to gain access to bigger and better toys and tools, and to work with a lot of smart and fun people.

As an entrepreneur I'm most proud of if(we), the company I co-founded with my long-time friend Greg Tseng. Being part of the birth of the social web was a huge thrill, as was building a business; Tagged was the first social network to become profitable. With the hi5 merger we created a consolidated a social graph counting over 300 million people, and helped our members develop countless personal relationships. Looking ahead, I'm excited by our conviction that the social internet isn't yet fully figured out, and by the new ideas our team is pursuing.

Once upon a time I was known first as a programmer—I was building text-based adventure games using BASIC when my English writing was limited to words of three characters or less. I'm almost entirely an autodidact in this area, and I've set aside coding in favor of management many times, yet I keep coming back to it and I love it.

In graduate school, college, and half of high school, I was most definitely a physicist. Understanding how the world works appeals to my curiosity, I quickly appreciated the way of thinking that physics teaches, and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from some of the world's best experimentalists and theorists.

Today I'm a lot of things, a little of everything in my past, plus my passion for the future. I'm an athlete of some sort, as I keep up with skiing and kiteboarding, and run whenever I can. I'm also an economics enthusiast, an art collector, a food connoisseur. I'm an optimist, an explorer, and I'm going to be whatever is next.